VacuWipe Dries and Stabilizes Tubing.

This unique air-wipe vacuums your product dry while securely holding it at the center of nine guide rollers.  Water stability in your trough is improved, which enhances the dimensional accuracy of your tubing, with more accurate gauging. Laser and ultrasonic readings are more reliable than ever because your tubing is held steady, unlike other air wipes that commonly cause a whipping action. Extremely quiet, with a noise level of less than 12.5 dB, VacuWipe removes virtually all noise pollution from your extrusion shop. Energy-efficient, The two integral air-powered vacuum generators have no moving parts to wear out, and use less than 1.9cfm each, greatly reducing the total load on your air compressor! The included valves allow for fine-tuning of each vacuum generator for optimum drying to suit each product.

Sanitary Operation.  Only your cleanroom air touches your tubing, preventing contamination from air-line impurities. This is important because compressor airlines are a breeding ground for bacteria, due to compressor oil and water condensation. All contact surfaces are made of FDA-approved materials.

VacuWipe Data Sheet

VacuWipe Installation Guide