LumenAir Rapid-Step™
Precision air source for extruded taper-tubing


Rapid-Step is the latest addition to the LumenAir series of precision air systems, providing very stable air pressure for the internal lumens of extruded micro tubing. Rapid-Step adds the ability to quickly and repeatably shift the air pressure inside an extruded tube with a variable diameter, often referred to as taper or bump tubing.  READ MORE

LumenAir - Precision Air

The LumenAir is a stand alone air system, which does not require an air compressor. This system automatically produces air pressure within 0.01" H2O of your set point, resulting in consistently accurate lumens and virtually no scrap or downtime.  Unlike other air systems, fluctuations in atmospheric pressure (caused by storms or HVAC systems) do not affect the accuracy of LumenAir! Internal, low-pressure air pumps provide filtered clean-room air without the condensation, bacteria, and pressure variations found in air compressor systems...

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VacuWipe Drying System

This unique air-wipe vacuums your product dry while holding it securely in place at the center of nine guide rollers.  Water stability in your trough is improved, which enhances the dimensional accuracy of your tubing. With more accurate gauging. Laser and ultrasonic readings are more reliable than ever because your tubing is held steady, unlike other air-wipes that commonly cause a whipping action...

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AccuWeir - Extrusion Weir

AccuWeir is a result of over ten years of developing custom downstream equipment for extrusion of micro-tubing products. This new compact design adds many improvements over our existing MicroCenter weir, and lets you add very accurate weir positioning to almost any water trough...

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